Linz (linzznil) wrote,

Against Me!

Well I knew it was going to be a crowded show. What I didn't imagine was the inescapable mosh pit that it was. I hadn't been in a sea like that in quite some time. It tossed me to the side, right in front of a speaker, way too loud. Maybe I would've been upset at a different show, but with the sunshine of Laura Jane Grace's infectious smile lifting my spirits, I decided to stop fighting the aggression. I was going to get sweat on and I was going to have fun with it. I had to take over and rule them all. AND I DID. Thanks to my sober head and slippery shoulders, a third of the way through the set I was upwave from the speakers, center stage, pushed up against the guys bracing the crowd on the front lines. The guy in front of me was a very big guy, and actually pretty comfortable to get squished into. My feet were off the ground at some points; it reminded me of lying on an inflatable raft drifting on a lake. I knew I'd made it when I looked up and Laura Jane was directing those beamers right at me. I managed to hold that position, second "row" and sometimes bracing myself against the stage, for the rest of the show. So close I saw Laura Jane's fillings. So close when she spit-sprayed beer onto the audience, most of it went over me. We fist-bumped and I got to strum her guitar.

I left completely soaked and disgusting.

One hell of a good night.
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